To Know Him

Just a quick thought today: I want to know God.  I was doing some reading, interspersed with brief bouts of thinking, and I re-realized something it is really bad for a minister to forget–I really want to know God.  The context of this re-realization was that I was reading the Bible (also a helpful thing for a minister to do), and the thought came to me that I was reading and taking some notes because I wanted know God’s Word.  Recognize first of all that this was a step up from where I am at times, when I read the Bible because it is a part of a pastor’s checklist for each day.  Read some of the Bible, Check.  Let me outline in brief the various tiers of Did I read my Bible today? just for my own sake.

1. No, I didn’t feel like it.  I’ve been here.  This is a bad place to be.
2. No, I didn’t make time for it.  I’ve been here as well.  This is actually an equally bad place to be.
3. Yes, I got that checked off my list for today (*PHEW* ). I may be wrong on this one, but would it be alright if I said this one is, again, equally bad?  I’ve done this one as well, though perhaps not as often as some of the other ones.
4. Yes, I read the Bible today, because I want to know what it says (so that I don’t come across as ENTIRELY ignorant and incompetent in my particular line of work).  Alright, we are getting somewhere with this one in that we are reading for retention of knowledge.  Good, so at least we want to know God’s Word.  But for what reason?  Yeah, I find myself here all too often.
5. Yes, I read the Bible today, because I want to know what it says so that I can know the One of Whom it speaks better.  Bingo.  There is a lot more that can be said on this one, but I will leave it at that.  I think this is where I am right now, and this is definitely where I want to abide.  Please help me, God.


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