The Alarm Is Going Off

Alright, I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about politics before (at least I hope I haven’t), but from my vantage point it seems that the era of Constantinian America is over.  I think we can finally put the notion, however true it may have ever been, of “Christian America” to rest.  It’s done.  The question here is not what will become of America (not looking pretty, for the record).  The question is what this means for the church in America.  The amateur church historians among us have consistently maintained for years that the Church thrives in the midst of suffering and persecution and fritters away friendly, free times in laxity.  I don’t want to be an alarmist, but freedom of religious practice and free speech are becoming increasingly constricted.  Technically, as a people we still enjoy freedom of religion and speech, but scope of each of these freedoms is becoming narrower.

I did not want America to vote the way I did last night because the prospects of a suffering church scare me.  It scares me.  The question of what exactly unashamed, unadulterated discipleship to Jesus Christ will cost twenty years from now scares me.  It scares me as a husband, father, and minister.  But mostly is scares me as a weak, fearful, trembling, insecure little boy.  Praise God that His power is perfected precisely in my weakness and in yours.  Father, increase my faith.  Take me to new heights of devotion.  Release me from the fear of this world that You have already overcome.  Help me to submit those under my direct responsibility to Yours.  I’m in, Father.

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