Is It Possible

A simple thought for the day: Is it simultaneously possible to talk too much about the Bible and too little about the God of the Bible?

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2 Responses to Is It Possible

  1. pastorpaul says:

    Reading Ray Stedman on prayer reminded me of your post. Ray writes, “One sign of losing communication [Ray is referring to a lack of faith that causes us to stop praying] is when we become obsessed with talk about God. When men only talk about God instead of with God they are manifesting a deteriorated faith, for the purpose of all faith is to bring us into direct, personal, vital touch with God. The mark of a decadent religion is invariably that men are deeply engrossed in discussions about God, spending hours in lengthy, theological debate about the nature and character of God. But as Luther very aptly put it, ‘You that manifest a concern about religion, why don’t you pray?'”

  2. dcpowell says:

    Mm, some good quotes, leading perhaps to a more pressing question: Is it possible we talk too much about God and not enough with God?

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