WNW – 5-5-16 (Brent Hockman Testimony)

Last night, Brent Hockman, resident J-3 at FBC, came and shared about his own pursuit of God’s call on his, which has taken him from Missouri to the jungles of the Amazon and right here to Arkansas, even as he prepares to ship out to New Orleans in a couple of weeks.

He talked about his time as a journeyman, taking 2 years after graduating from college, to go and carry light into dark places.  He talked about bringing himself to a right understanding of surrender–either Christ is Lord, or He is not; either God calls the shots or He does not.  He shared Proverbs 16:3, “Commit your works to the Lord, and He will establish your plans,” and how coming to grips with that verse altered his view on pursuing God’s will: We are called to commit our (present) works to Him–and the leave the (future) plans to Him.  Not vice versa.  We work in the present, entrusting the future to God.

Brent also urged our students to pursue maturity–but by no means attempt to rush.  When we attempt rush maturity, which only comes with time through the trials of experience, we only deceive ourselves with outer trappings.  Pursue the Lord now and live faithfully to Him now–and He will bring maturity in its due time.

Let me just say–this was our best Wednesday of the semester.  What a blessing Brent was to our students, our adults, and absolutely to me.

Now, may we also hear the call to “GO” and live on mission with God.

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